Jonathan Jenkins Ichikawa

Professional Philosopher. Amateur photographer, singer, person.

Jonathan Ichikawa's personal website.

I am an associate professor of philosophy at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver.

My work so far has focused primarily in epistemology (especially questions about knowledge and questions about the apriori), philosophy of language (especially questions about context-sensitivity), and philosophy of mind (especially questions about imagination and questions about intentionality).

My central ambition for my 2016 sabbatical is to broaden my research areas beyond these.

Photo by John Bengson, May 2015

Photo by John Bengson, May 2015

My full CV is here. Selected publications and works in progress are below; a full list of publications is here.

I blog occasionally—sometimes about philosophy.

Selected Books:

  • The Rules of Thought. Co-authored with Benjamin Jarvis. Oxford University Press 2013. (Paperback edition 2016.) A monograph articulating a Fregean theory of content, with applications to the epistemology of the a priori, and a discussion of the role of intuitions in philosophy. OUP's product page.
  • The Routledge Handbook of Epistemic Contextualism, an edited volume under contract with Taylor & Francis. More information here.
  • Contextualising Knowledge: Epistemology and Semantics, a monograph under contract with Oxford University Press. Articulates and defends a synthesis of (a) knowledge-first epistemology and (b) contextualism about knowledge ascriptions. More information here.

Selected Papers/Chapters forthcoming or in progress:

  • Internalism, Factivity, and Sufficient Reason. (draft) Research paper arguing that externalist approaches to reasons needn't imply externalism about reasonability.
  • Basic Knowledge First. (draft) Research paper arguing for a special, metaphysically privileged, category of basic knowledge. Develops themes from Timothy Williamson's knowledge-first epistemology, and integrates several ideas from different parts of Contextualising Knowledge.
  • Hybrid Virtue Epistemology and the A Priori. Co-authored with Benjamin Jarvis. (draft) Research paper defending a combination of a virtue-theoretic and belief-based approach. Follows up themes from The Rules of Thought.
  • On Putting Knowledge 'First'. Co-authored with Carrie Jenkins. (draft) Research paper clarifying the 'knowledge first' project.

Selected Other:

  • The Analysis of Knowledge, Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, co-authored with Matthias Steup. (online here)
  • On Being the Only Ones, Off Topic, about our experience with a non-monogamous marriage, co-authored with Carrie Jenkins. (draft)

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