Jonathan Jenkins Ichikawa

Professional Philosopher. Amateur photographer, singer, person.

Jonathan Ichikawa's personal website.

I am a person.

I come from various of the United States; I was born in California. I've been in Vancouver since 2011. I worked in Scotland, at the University of St Andrews, from 2008–2011.

I am married to Carrie Ichikawa Jenkins. People are sometimes confused about our names; here are some guidelines. (tl;dr: we each added a middle name.)

Some other things I am interested include: cocktails, dogs, feminism, food, Marvel comics, movies with explosions, octopuses, opera, P. G. Wodehouse, poker, polyamory, and whisky.

Our dog Mezzo is the best dog. Our cats Drusilla and Seven are the best cats. We are very fortunate.

Photo by Lauren McGlynn Photography

Photo by Lauren McGlynn Photography

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