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Where permitted by copyright agreement, I include links via dropbox to downloadable pdfs of the penultimate versions of these publications; in all cases, please refer to the published version. Please let me know if you have trouble downloading any of these papers.

Books Authored

  1. The Rules of Thought (co-authored with Benjamin Jarvis), Oxford University Press 2013. (OUP catalogue page)
  2. Contextualising Knowledege, Oxford University Press 2017 (in Press). (details)

Book Edited

  1. The Routledge Handbook of Epistemic Contextualism, Taylor & Francis 2017 (in Press). (details)

Journal Articles

  1. Scepticism and the Imagination Model of Dreaming, The Philosophical Quarterly, 58 (232), July 2008: 519–527. (draft) (published)
  2. Thought-Experiment Intuitions and Truth in Fiction (co-authored with Benjamin Jarvis), Philosophical Studies 142 (2), January 2009: 221–246. (published)
  3. Dreaming and Imagination, Mind and Language, 24 (1), February 2009: 103–121. (draft) (published)
  4. Knowing the Intuition and Knowing the Counterfactual, Philosophical Studies, 145 (3), September 2009: 435-443. (draft) (published) (response by Timothy Williamson)
  5. Explaining Away Intuitions, Studia Philosophica Estonica, 2 (2), 2009: 94–116. (draft) (published)
  6. Quantifiers, Knowledge, and Counterfactuals, Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, 82 (2), March 2011: 287–313. (draft) (published)
  7. Quantifiers and Epsitemic Contextualism, Philosophical Studies, 155 (3), June 2011: 383–398. (draft) (published)
  8. Rational Imagination and Modal Knowledge (co-authored with Benjamin Jarvis), Noûs, 46 (1), February 2012: 127–158. (draft) (published)
  9. Knowledge Norms and Acting Well, Thought, 1 (1), March 2012: 49–55. (draft) (published)
  10. In Defense of a Kripkean Dogma (co-authored with Ishani Maitra and Brain Weatherson), Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, 85 (1), July 2012: 56–68. (draft) (published)
  11. Experimental Pressure Against Traditional Methodology, Philosophical Psychology, 25 (5), October 2012: 743–765. (draft) (published)
  12. Pragmatic Encroachment and Belief-Desire Psychology (co-authored with Benjamin Jarvis and Katherine Rubin), Analytic Philosophy, 53 (4), December 2012: 327–343. (draft) (published)
  13. Basic Knowledge and Contextualist "E=K", Thought, 2 (4), December 2013: 282–92. (draft) (published)
  14. Justification is Potential Knowledge, Canadian Journal of Philosophy, 44 (2), July 2014: 184–206. (draft) (published)
  15. Ignorance and Presuppositions, Mind, forthcoming. (draft) (published)

Chapters in Edited Volumes:

  1. Virtue, Intuition, and Philosophical Methodology, John Turri (ed), Virtuous Thoughts: Essays on the Philosophy of Ernest Sosa, Springer Publishing 2013: 1–20. (draft)
  2. Who Needs Intuitions? Two Experimentalist Critiques, Anthony Booth and Darrell Rowbottom (eds), Intuitions, Oxford University Press 2014: 232–55. (draft)
  3. Experimental Philosophy and Apriority, Al Casullo and Josh Thurow (eds), The A Priori in Philosophy, Oxford University Press 2014: 45–66. (draft)
  4. Intuition in Contemporary Philosophy, Lisa M. Osbeck and Barbara S. Held (eds), Rational Intuition: Philosophical Roots, Scientific Investigations, Cambridge University Press 2014: 192–210. (draft)
  5. Modals and Modal Epistemology, in Amy Kind and Peter Kung (eds), Knowledge Through Imagination, Oxford University Press. (draft)
  6. Imagination, Dreaming and Hallucination, in Amy Kind (ed), Routledge Handbook of Philosophy of Imagination, Taylor & Francis. (draft)
  7. Intuitive Evidence and Experimental Philosophy, in Jennifer Nado (ed), Advances in Experimental Philosophy and Philosophical Methodology, Bloomsbury Publishing. (draft)


  1. Keith DeRose, The Case for Contextualism, Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews. (published)
  2. Chris Daly, An Introduction to Philosophical Methodology, Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews. (published)
  3. Herman Cappelen, Philosophy Without Intuitions, International Journal for Philosophical Studies, 2013, 21(1): 111–16. (draft) (published)
  4. Duncan Pritchard, Epistemological Disjunctivism, Philosophical Review, 2016, 125(1): 138-142. (published)

Other Publications:

  1. Dreaming, Philosophical Issues (co-authored with Ernest Sosa), The Oxford Companion to Consciousness, Oxford University Press 2009. (draft)
  2. Philosophical Intuitions (co-authored with Ernest Sosa), annotated bibliography in Oxford Bibliographies Online: Philosophy. (published)
  3. The Analysis of Knowledge (co-authored with Matthias Steup), Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. (published)
  4. Dreaming, forthcoming in Cambridge Dictionary of Philosophy (3rd ed).

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