Jonathan Jenkins Ichikawa

Professional Philosopher. Amateur photographer, singer, person.

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The full name I use for professional and personal purposes is 'Jonathan Jenkins Ichikawa'. I added the 'Jenkins' upon marriage in 2011. I typically publish using all three names, although my older work appeared under 'Jonathan Ichikawa'. I don't care whether you include a middle name or initial when citing my work in your bibliography (whether or not I published the work in question with it).

'Jenkins' does not appear on my passport.

I consider 'Jenkins' to be my middle name. It is not part of a compound surname. Its inclusion is optional in all contexts, and it is subject to abbreviation. (Compare the 'Kellogg' in 'David Kellogg Lewis'.) I have prepared the following chart for the convenience of the public. 

Inappropriate things to call me

  • Jon
  • Jonathan Jenkins-Ichikawa
  • Poopoo face
  • Dr. Jenkins
  • Dr. Jenkins Ichikawa
  • hey proffessor
  • The Big Jenk
  • Professor Jenkins I.
  • Jenkins Ichikawa, Jonathan
  • Herr Doktor Doktor Professor Jonnie
  • late for dinner

Appropriate things to call me

  • Jonathan
  • Jonathan Ichikawa
  • Jonathan J. Ichikawa
  • Jonathan Jenkins Ichikawa
  • You there
  • Dr. Ichikawa
  • Dr. Jonathan Jenkins Ichikawa
  • Ichikawa, J.
  • Ichikawa, J. J.
  • Ichikawa, Jonathan J.
  • Professor Ichikawa
  • Professor Jonathan Ichikawa
  • My liege
růže, smelling the same

růže, smelling the same

Please note that these lists are not exhaustive.

All of the above, mutatis mutandis, is also a pretty handy guide to Carrie Ichikawa Jenkins's name. (We were guided in part by the precedent set by Tamar Szabó Gendler and Zoltan Gendler Szabó.)

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